Keeping Your Cat Safe: Common Household Hazards

There are food and common household items that can be dangerous to your new cat. They should be stored safely beyond their reach in locked cabinets or away from reach. There are more comprehensive lists available online; however what follows is a list of the most common household hazards.

Food Hazards : Here are a few simple tips you can follow to keep your cat safe:

• Alcoholic beverages

• Caffeine

• Chocolate

• Fatty foods - fried foods, sweet foods

• Chicken and turkey bones

• Grapes and raisins

• Onions

• Macadamia nuts

• Salt and sugar

• Yeast dough

Tips to Keep your Cat Safe :

• Secure all dangling cords: Cats often like to play with and bite into hanging wires and cord, which can tangle, choke, or electrocute them.

• Secure all doors: cats are not safe when they are outdoors, but they will certainly try to escape. Be sure that doors are secured shut.

• Pack away any valuables or breakables and remove hanging tablecloths: Cats are curious creatures that are known to get into their share of mischief. Climbing onto tables and pulling out tablecloths are ways that cats can easily destroy your belongings and potentially harm themselves.

• Check your dryer: cats love to hide in dark and quiet places. Check your dryer before you add your laundry and start the cycle to ensure that your cat is not hiding in your dryer.

• Cat food vs. people food: Not all food consumed by humans is safe for cats. Here is a list of some of the foods that are hazardous to cats:

Everyday Items : Be conscious of the everyday items that are poisonous to your cat and keep them secured:

• Antifreeze

• Rodent poison

• Batteries

• Car care products

• Fertilizer

• Household cleaners

• Nicotine products

• Insecticides

• Pools, chemicals and ponds

• Certain Plants such as Easter Lilies, Philodendrons & Poinsettias

If your pet ingests a dangerous substance, don’t hesitate. Call the ASPCA’s poison hotline at 1-888/426-4435 (some fees may apply).

For more useful information, please download our free Cat manual.

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