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Pet Professionals

HSUS 2014 Presentations

Retail Adoptions – The Next Generation Spay Neuter – One Size Does Not Fit All Surrender Prevention in Los Angeles

HSUS 2014 - Volunteer Management Track

Training Staff and Volunteers to Succeed Establishing a Culture For Your Volunteer Program to Thrive

HSUS 2014 - Keeping Pets in Homes

Reducing Surrendered Pets - Animal Help Desk Animal Help Desk - Caseworker Handbook Reducing Shelter Admissions and Keeping Families Together Setting Up a Pet Retention Program Keeping Pets and People Together - Flyer

HSUS 2013 Presentations

Creating and Giving Effective Presentations

HSUS 2012 Presentations

Adventures in Sterilization Cats are the Real Underdogs Doggies in the Window - Retail Adoptions Human Resources: Just as Important as Animal Resources

Found Animals Speaker Series

Managing the Cat Crisis - Part 1 Managing the Cat Crisis - Part 2 Managing the Cat Crisis - Part 3 Managing the Cat Crisis - Part 4

Found Animals Forum Presentations

Dispelling Myths in Animal Welfare 2012 Adoption Success on the Path to No More Homeless Pets 2011 Spay/Neuter: Past, Present, and Future 2010

BF No More Homeless Pets 2013 Presentations

Spay & Neuter: One Size Does Not Fit All Promotions, Partnerships, and Marketing to Drive Adoptions

Pet Microchip & Pet License

Microchip Policy Overview Pet Licensing Programs That Work SoCal Vet Attitudes on Pet Licensing

Spay & Neuter

Business Model Options for Spay Neuter Spay & Neuter Public Funding Case Study Spay / Neuter Models & Funding Needs Spay & Neuter Policy Summary Sample Clinic Budget (pdf) Sample Clinic Budget (excel) Happier, Healthier Pets: Benefits of Spay & Neuter

Pet Adoption

Programs That Boost Adoptions Cat Adoption Info Graphic

LA Metro Pet Information

Dog & Cat Population Estimates Los Angeles Metro Shelter Landscape

Pet Policy Research

Pet Sales Policy Overview Puppy Mill / Kennel Policy Overview

Additional Pet Research

Harnessing Business Models for Animal Welfare Pets in Housing Overview